Friday 17 July 2015

Weird Sighting

Few days ago I was travelling in the dark night on the motorway coming to islamabad, and the sky was amazing!! I could see the milky way arcing across the sky! Infront of us about 15deg above the horizon two blinking lights appeared, moving towards each other. Both of them suddenly Flared up bright orange! brighter than Venus in the night sky! For almost 4 seconds they remained, till they dimmed out and were blinking again. Then they were moving in the sky, turning here and there, going up going down. More happened that night which freaked me. I drew a sketch of what I saw in my diary. Those 2 lights were dancing towards the East under rigel and to the left of Altair
the big dipper and polaris were slightly towards the right of the direction my car was going in
they kept appearing, disappearing, turning lights on and off, for a good 30minutes
till only one light remained, It went towards the North and then North West to the left of the Big dipper and slowly slowly it went and disappeared on the horizon. 15 minutes after this we stopped at a gas station. My cameras battery died, otherwise I would have shot the milky way. I was talking to my dad on the mobile telling him what I saw.
He told be that a few minutes ago he was also flying in that area (on a turbo prop), but he didnt see any lights or any other aircraft on the radar. My mom snatched the phone from me and started talking about her own stuff when suddenly I saw a pale blue glowing thing fly across the sky accurately speaking, it hit my view from under the big dipper, AKA north and went straight, very fast to South West almost it went through my part of the sky in about 4 seconds which is fast, my part of the sky being the whole sky above me.

Thursday 16 July 2015

My Crystals: Kyanite

Kyanite (Al2SiO5)  is one of my favourite crystals! Its beautiful and has this layered structure to it.  

Wednesday 15 July 2015

My Crystals: Quartz

Quartz is the most abundant minerals on Earth. Like Most crystals it has the typical Silicon and Oxygen compound (SiO2). This one robust point I got from They are realtively cheap due to how common it is. You have quartz infused in glass, in granite, in watches and in many different gemstones. This is a 3-side sketch I made of the various sides and features on my quartz. The top part of the point is mostly transparent with many complicated cracks inside the thick crystal. It is 4inchs long. Most things I notice about Quartz points in the raw are that the base which is where the point is attached to the cluster of points is very opaque or translucent. In Quatz terms, it is milky at the base and as the point develops it gets clearer and clearer farther from the base till the tip off the point.
 This is the biggest side on the crystal. If you look very closely on the flat sides, or by reflecting light from the side into your eyes (which highlights the surface details) you see linear patterns and many interesting designs!! I think that is due to the layering while it was crystallizing.
 As I was saying you can see the gradient of clarity. You might notice the tip has many dents and is chipped off, well thats due to me dropping it constantly. Despite that its a hard rock, Moh 7 is not a joke :P
There are many things you can do with Quartz for fun. Try passing lasers through the crystal to see a multitude of interference patterns. Try putting it under UV or black light. Go wild with this stuff! You never know what might happen!
Its Great for one to have a good sized Quartz specimen in his collection as it is the basic crystal which is cheap and stunning at the same time!!
They come in many colours. Amethyst, Citrine are some gemstones which are actually impure Quartz. Agate is a slice of a Quartz geode too!